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Muffet Soul Fusion (Undertale) by Torcher999 Muffet Soul Fusion (Undertale) by Torcher999
What would happen if one of the 6 fallen humans merged with one of the monsters? For Muffet, I gave her the purple one.
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UnderSwap7 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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So...Let Me Try to Connect All This Together...

Aqua Soul (Patience) Theoretically Represented by Toriel
Blue Soul (Integrity) Represented by Sans & Papyrus
Green Soul (Kindness) Represented by Undyne
Purple Soul (Perseverance) Represented by Muffet
Yellow Soul (Justice) Represented by Mettaton
Orange Soul (Bravery) Theoretically Represented by ASGORE

Red Soul (Determination) Most Likely Would Represented by Flowey

Toriel patiently waits for a human child to fall, so she can take care of them and protect them from Asgore.

Papyrus, despite being ordered to hunt down and capture innocent humans, he refuses to as he knows it is not the right thing, Sans after all his friends are murdered, he avenges them by defeating the Human responsible.

Undyne, while tough and brute, still shows mercy and kindness to those she knows are innocent at heart, even if it means disobeying her own royal orders.

Muffet never gives up on trying to be successful, she can persuade people into buying her inventory but not in a harmful way, she is also persistent about her goals and provides the same on some occasion.

Mettaton, even though he's a robot built for destruction, still wishes to destroy Asgore and become the new ruler, sort of unintentional Justice, but he also justifys his brutal behavior in the genocide route, by attempting (and failing) to kill the one who's nearly killed everyone in the underground.

Asgore, even though he feels wrong about his decisions on killing, he manages to stay brave and continue providing hope for all his citizens, despite his fears.

Flowey, one of the only monsters in the underground known to be injected with Determination and surviving without any side effects, uses this power to do things most monsters can't do, this trait is also shared by humans like Frisk and Chara.

As For The Photoshop Flowey boss fight, how each Child's soul provides a match based on the item from their inventory.

Aqua Soul (Represented by a Fallen Child's Toy Knife)
Blue Soul (Represented by a Fallen Child's Ballet Shoes)
Green Soul (Represented by a Fallen Child's Frying Pan)
Purple Soul (Represented by a Fallen Child's Book)
Yellow Soul (Represented by a Fallen Child's Toy Gun)
Orange Soul (Represented by a Fallen Child's Fighting Gloves)
Red Soul (Would Most Likely Be Represented By Frisk's Stick)

The Aqua Soul is displayed a Fight Where Frisk must Dodge Her Attacks provided by Toy Knives

The Blue Soul is displayed a Fight where Frisk must avoid the Ballet Shoes dancing.

The Green Soul is displayed a Fight where Frisk must dodge food falling from a Frying Pan.

The Purple Soul is displayed a Fight where Frisk must dodge all the negative words in a Book.

The Yellow Soul is displayed a Fight where Frisk must avoid bullets from a Toy Gun.

The Orange Soul is displayed a Fight where Frisk must avoid punches from Fighting Gloves.

The Red Soul would most likely be a Fight against Stick(s)

Items of Clothing Found in the Underground, and How they Connect to their Respected Item.

Aqua Soul (Hair Bow) Is Connected to the Toy Knife
Blue Soul (Tutu) is Connected to the Ballet Shoes
Green Soul (Apron) is Connected to the Frying Pan
Purple Soul (Glasses) is Connected to the Book
Yellow Soul (Cowboy Hat) is Connected to the Toy Gun
Orange Soul (Bandana) is Connected to the Fighting Gloves
Red Soul (Most Likely Frisk's Bandaid, and Would be Connected to her Stick)

Typically, a Toy Knife would be a Toy if it's used by a child, who'd commonly wear a Hair Bow.

When doing Ballet, you'd often wear Ballet Shoes and a Tutu.

When you're cooking, you may use a Frying Pan, and you'd also Probably wear an Apron.

When Reading a Book, you may need to wear Glasses to see better.

When You're playing with a Toy Gun, you may pretend to be a Cowboy, and wear a Cowboy Hat.

Typically, fighters often wear bandanas, and fighting gloves.

If you ever get pokes by a stick, you may need a bandaid.

Other Interesting Points.
-The Yellow Soul, Seen in Mettaton's Boss Various Fight, Can Actually Shoot Bullets, Similar to It's Respective Item, The Toy Gun.

-There's often questioning to how the Items related to the clothing between the orange and aqua souls, similar to how it's not officially known which monster represents them.

-The Blue soul is much heavier, but also very agile in battle, like a Ballerina, who'd probably wear ballet shoes and a tutu.

-Alphys is the only main character in Undertale who isn't represented by a soul, neither in an official sense, or a theoretical sense, but this may be because we never encounter her in a boss fight, however Muffet is the only Non-Main Character who is represented by a soul, and we do encounter her in a boss fight, this may mean Alphys could have possibly represented either the Aqua or Orange soul, as oppose to Toriel or Asgore who are both represented by white boss monster souls.

-The Yellow soul is differentbin fight compared to other souls, it is upside down and can attack, this may reflect how Mettaton's nature is different from the other characters who represent their soul's personality pretty decent, while Mettaton isn't really so justifiably.

-Both the orange and aqua souls never appear in battle, they could potentially belong to Asgore and Toriel respectively, or maybe Alphys who can be both Brave and Patient.
MenollySagittaria Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay for non-sexualized Muffet!
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where's mettaton the sexy rectangle
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what's a weaving Strategist?
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Muffet is a spider, she weaves webs, and is a strategist.
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Muffet Spider Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale : according to my calculations that Spider Donut is 9999g, and to make the spider sales & life better, leave the gold in the webs on your right
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good for spiders
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Does it look like i have 9999g to spare?
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Muffet Spider Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale : according to my calculations... no...
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Perhaps you should reduce your prices.
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Awesome I love muffet  :3
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Shades of Advance Wars...
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This is a neat idea!
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daz pretty neat
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